How do I go about becoming a volunteer and what does a volunteer do?
SImply contact us via email at . To be a volunteer you must have taken Group Training recently. This will give you information as to how we pray in the rooms. Once you have taken the Group Training you will need to have the pastor of your home church fill out our reference form that you pastor must fillout, sign, and mail to us. We then will contact you and make an appointment with you to come for an interview.

At a minimum, all approved applicants should meet the following qualifications:

Team members should feel called with a hunger for all that God is and all that He has.

A desire to come into a unity of faith with members of the Body of Christ from all churches in the  area. Unity allows the Holy Spirit to move freely.

Be burdened for the lost and the sick.

Have a servant's heart of faithfulness, humility, and obedience rather than a desire for recognition.

Be willing to receive training on how to minister to the sick.

Be baptized in the Holy Spirit.

How do I know I am called to volunteer?
When you become acquainted with what a volunteer does during the Group Training, you will want to pray and ask God if this is where He wants you to serve. One of the questions you will be asked in your interview is, "Do you feel called by God to pray here or are you coming as a volunteer?"
We welcome volunteers (called by God) all the time. Some feel led to pray on our team as a prayer partner, some gravitate toward Intercessory Prayer, while others are interested in Helps Ministries.
Use our contact page to get our contact details and get in touch with us.You can also find dates and times for Group Training.
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